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Parent Testimonials

Why mothers & fathers trust our confident parenting courses.

Kristin Lammert

Kristen Dawson pic.png

"I wish I had access to this class with my first baby!! I am so grateful for the skills, knowledge, and support that Gina and Laura were able to provide.

I feel so much more confident in my ability to facilitate the growth and development of my girls! They are so encouraging and offer so many specific activities and milestones (who knew kneeling, spinning, and pointing were milestones?!). 

Laura shared invaluable information about infant, baby, and toddler feeding and communication that would have been SO helpful with my oldest! 

I cannot recommend these courses enough! By taking these courses, you will gain confidence and peace of mind as a parent. You will have questions answered, you will reduce your worry, and you will feel empowered in your role as a parent!"

Kristen Dawson

"I highly recommend this course for all new parents. Gina presents information on motor development in a clear, organized, and easy to understand way.  I am so grateful to be able to pass the information from this course onto the parents of the infants on my caseload. I truly I wish I’d had this course at the beginning of my own motherhood journey.”

Kayla Richardson, CCC-SLP, CLC



"Their Best Start: Support for Child Development offers essential information about child development and safety in a practical, well-designed course instructed by pediatric therapists (who are also experienced moms!)

As a new mom, I was overwhelmed by the amount of infant products available on the market. Their Best Start provided me with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the baby aisles and know which items to actually buy. 

Their Best Start also provided me with useful tips for promoting age-appropriate developmental milestones. I highly recommend Their Best Start for any expectant parent or caregiver."

Courtney Andrus, Physicians Assistant

Washington University Physicians

"I wish I had found this resource before I had a baby, and actually before I registered for baby gifts. I found the equipment they suggested to be most helpful.

The courses were very informative, and I felt I could trust Laura and Gina because of their backgrounds, experience, and balanced approach.

They also were less judgmental and more inclusive regarding different parenting styles than basically any baby book I've ever read.

Gina and Laura have been helpful beyond courses, responding promptly when baby issues came up or when I needed to make another purchase. I'm very grateful!"

Grace Ert

Baby Laundry Hanging on a Clothesline
Shelby neuner edited.jpg

"I strongly recommend this class to new moms!

My husband and I took Gina and Laura's courses prior to having our first baby. I was nervous about taking care of an infant and the courses gave me the tools to feel confident. Sleeping, feeding, development and the best baby products on the market were covered.

Gina and Laura are so knowledgeable on these topics and answered all of my questions. I’m so glad I took these courses because it better prepared me for motherhood!"

Shelby Neuner

"I am an expecting mom due in a few weeks, and took Gina and Laura's courses recently. They were really awesome courses with really valuable information about milestones and things to look out for. 

I also learned a lot of specific things related to items on my registry like the right bottles, container usage (swings/bouncers/rocknplays), and baby wearing with slings or carriers. I definitely made some adjustments to my registry after the course!

I am getting ready to review all my notes in preparation for baby, and feel a lot more prepared having taken these courses. Highly recommended!"

Kelly Oliver


Why Their Best Start?

As pediatric therapists, we have spent years studying infant development, and we have worked with thousands of families, helping them with even the most challenging issues.

These courses are taught by pediatric speech language pathologist, and certified lactation consultant, Laura Pierce, along with pediatric physical therapist, Gina Mydlo.

Not only are we experienced therapists, but we are moms too! Because of our combined expertise, you can trust that we will give you the most comprehensive, innovative approach to infant development, all wrapped up in one convenient course that you can take at your own pace.

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