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Kristin Lammert

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Gina and Laura's Beyond Delivery classes. After taking the birth to six month class, I wish I could recommend every expectant mom to take this course while they wait and prepare for baby. I read a lot of books to prepare for my first baby, but I oftentimes found conflicting information. Before my daughter arrived, I read books, searched online, and talked with friends and family, but this course by far gave me the most useful and applicable information that I used daily. I felt so confident applying the strategies and suggestions from Gina and Laura because their combined expertise makes them extremely knowledgeable and reliable sources of information! I am so grateful for the confidence they brought to me as a first time parent.
I also love the approach they take with newborns and infants - they are proactive instead of reactive. Why wait until there is a problem or a notable delay? Gina and Laura have all the insights into things to watch out for so you can detect early on if your little one needs some extra help, whether it be with crawling, taking a bottle, babbling, or so on. Thanks to Laura, I noticed early on that my daughter was having issues eating from a bottle. Within a week of working with Laura, we saw a massive improvement and before long, our little girl was taking a bottle no problem.
Once my daughter was a few months old, I took the second course they offered. I came out of it with so many amazing ideas for developmental activities for Claire. Advertising today can be so misleading. Toys and activities that are marketed for infant development can actually hinder their progress. I left the class realizing that most of the items I need for Claire to grow and develop are already in my home or easy to make! This course also answered so many of the questions I had about feeding my daughter food.
Gina and Laura are extremely passionate about what they do and they will stop at nothing to help you and your little one! Thank you Gina and Laura for the ENDLESS help you have been for Claire. From answering my questions, helping me tweak things to help Claire progress, and giving us a plethora of useful information, we couldn't have done it without you!"

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