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Baby's Best Start:

Mastering the Essentials of Infant Feeding and Sleeping

In this course, you will

This course includes access to a private support group and printable resources

Learn our easy to implement 5 step process to getting your baby to LOVE to sleep!  No crying it out here.

Prevent common feeding issues like reflux, gassiness, colic, bottle aversion, and overeating.

Learn which bottle is best for baby and how to correctly position baby for bottle and breastfeeding to promote the best latch.

Understand when, how, and why it is appropriate to swaddle baby to aid in feeding and sleeping.

Learn simple and effective stretches to improve baby's feeding, sleeping, and motor skills as well as calm baby's nervous system.

Reduce parental stress by understanding the interwoven relationship between your baby's feeding and sleeping skills to understand your baby's cues with confidence.

...and so much more!

This course includes access to a private support group and printable resources

Baby's Best Moves:

Achieving Essential Milestones Together with Confidence

(Birth to 6 months)

In this course, you will

Understand what typical infant development looks like in the 8 major skill areas, why they are essential, and easy activities to promote them.

Teach baby to love tummy time! Learn why it is important, when to start, and how to position baby at each age.

Understand how spending time in containers can affect your baby's development and how to utilize them safely.

Learn how to prevent flat head syndrome and tight neck through positioning and play to prevent deformities and delays.

Learn the basics of babywearing, and how to safely position baby.

Know who and when to call if you have concerns about your baby's development in any area.

...and so much more!

Common Questions Answered:

Baby's Best Start

Baby's Best Moves

  • Help! My baby is awake all night! What can I do?

  • There are so many opinions on baby's sleep habits. What can I do to promote healthy sleep that fit within my own beliefs and routines?

  • I've heard swaddling can be calming for baby, but I don't know how, when, or if I should do it. How do I know what swaddle blanket to choose?

  • Is there anything else I can do - other than medication - to help my baby with reflux and gassiness?

  • My breastfed baby won't take a bottle, and I have to go back to work! What should I do?

  • How do I know if my baby has a tongue or lip tie? Does this make it hard for them to breast or bottle feed?

  • Who should I call if I am having trouble feeding my baby, or suspect that my baby has feeding issues?

  • My baby HATES tummy time! What can I do to get him to tolerate it?

  • My baby won't sleep anywhere but a swing or bouncy seat. Is this safe? Will it impact her development?

  • My baby is starting to get a flat spot on his head. I don't want him to have to get a helmet. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

  • I registered for a bouncy seat, play seat, swing, and exersaucer. Are these all safe for baby to use? What age should baby use them?

  • My well-meaning family and friends keep giving me conflicting suggestions. And the internet is full of confusing advice. Where can I find accurate information on baby's developmental milestones?

  • I have seen other moms wearing baby in a carrier and I am interested in doing that. But I don't know how to choose one or how to safely position my baby .

We answer all your questions!

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