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How to Buy for Baby

Expert therapists reveal what you actually need (and don't need!) when shopping for your baby. 

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Have you ever been so excited to go to the store to shop for baby items, or maybe start your registry for a baby shower, until...

You walk into the store and start seeing ALL THE CHOICES.

Why are there 20 different types of bottles? Which one is best?

Should you buy different kinds of bottles to see which one "baby likes best?"

How many types of containers does baby really need?  Bouncy seats, swings, cradles, play seats, exersaucers, jumpers, walkers...and the list goes on!

What about swaddles and sleep sacks...which ones work best?

How do you choose a crib mattress?

You've heard baby slings and carriers are useful, but have no idea how to pick the right one.

                   ALL of these questions are answered in this FREE GUIDE!

Because let's be honest...

Not all baby companies (even the big ones) have knowledge in infant development.

Advertisers can make a product seem like it is helpful....

When really it isn't, or can even be HARMFUL to development.

Marketers don't have your baby's best interest at heart...

They just want to SELL their stuff.

So how do you choose the right products that are actually SAFE and BENEFICIAL?

Most people then turn to the internet to research EVERY LITTLE THING...

You spend HOURS online...

Only to find conflicting information!

Well-menaing family and friends give you advice that is NOT based on facts or science...

And it leaves you more confused and frustrated. 

So STOP spending hours researching...

                                                    And check out our FREE guide now!

We know how to read past false advertising...

And we want YOU to do it too!


So next time you go to the store,


You can make an informed, educated decision. 

                                              BECAUSE YOU DESERVE TO BE A CONFIDENT PARENT!


Everything you get in this guide:

  • How to pick the correct bottle

  • Resource on pump parts and sizes, and nursing pillow recommendations

  • Age appropriate, therapy recommended toys 

  • Recommendations on swaddles, sleep sacks, and pacifiers

  • Resource on how to pick out a crib mattress

  • Specific recommendations on containers (swings, bouncy seats, cradles, play seats, exersaucers, and walkers)

  • Safety information on car seat accessories and resources on using car seats safely

  • Resources on babywearing

  • Specifics on brand names when necessary!

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