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I've got another question for you...

Are you using slings, wraps, and carriers correctly?

Discover how to babywear like a pro from an expert physical therapist

First you'll get an email that contains a confirmation link. 


You will receive your Free Baby Registry Guide after you click the email confirmation link to activate it.  


If you don't see that email in your inbox, check your spam or contact me at 

Baby wearing can be beneficial for SO many reasons, not just for convenience!

  • Improves baby's feeding skills

  • Promotes proper digestion

  • Normalizes head shape

  • Promotes proper spine and hip development

  • Reduces risk of postpartum Depression/anxiety

Take my online mini-course and learn everything you need to know to start baby wearing!

For just $17.00!

  • Bond with your baby and form a positive and healthy attachment with each other.

  • Feel confident wearing baby with correct positioning from newborn to toddlerhood.

  • Discover the many benefits that baby wearing can bring to your life while expertly navigating the beginning stages of parenthood.

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Heart to Heart:
Become a Confident Baby Wearer

Become a master at using slings, wraps, and carriers and feel confident in positioning baby safely and comfortably at any age. 

This course is the only reason I was able to wear both my kids! 
- Mary, mom of 2 

"I can't believe all this information was only $17!"
- Kelly, expecting mom 

I wanted to baby wear so badly but I just couldn't position baby comfortably until I took this course! I'm so glad and grateful for this information!
- Megan, new mom 

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