Beyond the Delivery Series

Your baby is what?

Beyond the Delivery: Birth to 6 months

In this class, you will: ​

  • Learn how to support baby’s feeding (bottle and/or nursing) development. We explain why certain types of bottles should be the only ones presented to baby.  We will show you how to properly feed baby a bottle to prevent reflux, gassiness, overeating, aversion to bottle, oral motor weakness, and prevent future delays in solid feedings

  • Gain specific strategies to promote good sleep habits, and how to get your baby to LOVE to sleep.

  • Learn specific, realistic activities to do with your baby to promote all milestones from birth to 6 months. Learn how to promote physical skills like tummy time, rolling, sitting, and manipulating toys. Get tips on how to promote early language to support baby’s communications skills.

  • Know the basics of babywearing.

  • Identify the signs of postpartum depression and anxiety.

  • Know exactly when and who to go to if you have concerns about baby’s development.

Beyond the Delivery: 7 to 14 months

This class has 2 parts, and will take place on 2 separate dates.

In this class, you will: 

  • Learn how to support baby's solid feeding development. Get an exact plan for how to progress feedings using certain types of foods, and know the correct kinds of utensils and cups that promote the best development. 

  • Understand the importance of posture in highchairs, and how that impacts baby's ability to eat.

  • Learn specific, realistic activities to promote all milestones from 7-14 months. You will learn how to promote physical skills like sitting, kneeling, crawling, cruising, and walking. You will learn exactly what types of toys to give baby, and how to play with baby to promote fine motor development.

  • Know how to promote early language to support baby’s communications skills through gestures, imitation, sounds, and words.

  • Know when and who to refer to with concerns in any area of development.

  • Learn the updated recommendations and guidelines on car seat safety.

Common Questions Answered in Beyond the Delivery Classes:

  • What kind of bottle is best for my baby?

  • How much sleep should my baby get?

  • Does my baby have a flat head?

  • I have heard that activity seats can delay development. Is this true?

  • I have bought every bottle on the market. My breastfed baby won't take any!

  • What should my baby play with?

  • How can I encourage language development in my older baby?

  • My baby hates tummy time! What should I do?

  • I am worried about my baby's development. Who can I call?

  • My baby is refusing solid foods. Should I just wait until she is older?

  • My baby is really big. Should I still keep him rearfacing?

  • I want to try babywearing, but I don't know where to start.

  • Should my baby be barefoot or wear shoes when learning to walk?

  • My baby scoots on her bottom instead of crawling. Is this OK?

  • When will my baby start clapping and waving?

  • My friend's baby babbles, but mine is so quiet. Will this affect first words?

  • Can a chiropractor help my baby's development?

  • I am angry all the time, even months after I had my baby. Is that normal?

  • My older baby can't drink from a cup. How can I teach him?

  • How much can my baby understand at 9 months?

  • How can I help my older baby learn to walk?

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